Sage Diversity Management

Sage Diversity Management

Services Offered: Counselling, Developmental Support Services, Dispute Resolution & Mediation, Employment Supports, and Psychotherapy


Sage Diversity Management has been in operation since Spring 2006 and has delivered project management services emphasizing diversity, inclusion and equity across Ontario. Additionally expertise in alternative dispute resolution and transformative mediation have been provided. Social Work, counselling and psychotherapy are the foundational skill sets offered directly to individuals and families and form the foundation for insightful and dynamic service delivery to clients and organizations

Elser Lee Archer, Chartered Mediator - RSW

Elser Lee (Faith) Archer is a Registered Social Worker providing psychotherapeutic counselling for victims of violence or abuse including children, adults, couples and families. She has been working in this field for over 30 years specializing in couples counseling and, helping families deal with separation and divorce. Additionally significant work has been done with x-offenders including anger management and life transition.

Archer has governmental experience both at the provincial and municipal level — the latter as a member of elected council so client confidentiality is held in high regard — combined with her professional expertise as a Chartered Mediator in Canada. She has conducted well over 1,000 mediations with multi-party stakeholders within the workplace, provincial courts, long term care and, disputes on University Campus’ as well as issues involving motor vehicle accident claims.

She wears many hats including her role as a Rehabilitative Employment Consultant. In this role she facilitates career counselling, business development, accommodation planning and placements for Ontario Disability Supports (ODSP) Employment Supports Candidates.