Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell

Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell

Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell, ND
Modalities Practiced: Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell, ND works at the intersection of health, Land, justice and spirituality, which she weaves into her work with her patients. Dr. Rachel’s practice integrates functional diagnostic testing, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, western herbalism and naturopathic counselling to enact long-term shifts. Her practice focuses on those living with mental illness and struggling with hormonal concerns, such as fatigue, menstrual cycle changes, menopause/perimenopause and sexual health.

Dr. Rachel is passionate about birth justice and is training with Doula Training Canada to support people through birth, postpartum, fertility, and pregnancy grief and loss. As a woman with the Land in her heart, she is the co-founder, acting Director of Marketing and Communications and guide for her ecocentric whitewater guiding company, Braiding Rivers. She teaches wilderness medicine courses through Wilderness Medical Associates and has previously instructed in the permaculture and nutrition programs at Pacific Rim College.

If you’d like to work with Dr. Rachel Worth-Cappell, ND, she offers free 15-minute meet and greets, which you can book below.

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